Our Team

Peter Tomlinson


“One of our guiding principles is, whatever we do we must deliver food solutions that are better than what’s already out there and constantly challenge the status quo. Our original product line was developed to address the gap in the market for quality and tasty food within aged care. We developed a superior offering, through both taste and texture and stepped up to demonstrate there is and can always be a better solution”. – Peter Tomlinson

Matt Rawe


“We are driven to make a difference, and I love our philosophy at Hubfoods, which I think should be a universal one, and that is “if you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why should others”. We believe we need to constantly innovate to raise our collective expectations of making great food accessible”. – Matt Rawe

Una Singh


“We believe that the food we eat should be of the highest quality, and the processes that it undergoes to get to our plates should result in it being tasty, healthy and safe to consume. At Hubfoods there is no compromises in the food we serve”. – Una Singh

Joseph Schulze

National Sales Manager Foodservice – Hubfoods

“Here at Hubfoods we are passionate about challenging the status quo and bringing to market food solutions that are better, tastier and full of goodness for all walks of life. Our team is constantly challenging the current way of doing things and coming up with superior solutions. I am so proud to be able to share our work with the foodservice industry and work with our customers on solutions to help grow their businesses too”. – Joseph Schulze

Our team at Hubfoods are passionate and dedicated to pioneering foods solutions that are better, tasty and full of goodness for all walks of life.

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