Staff Training Guidelines

Texturised foods are required for people with eating and swallowing difficulties, to prevent choking.  Dysphagia is the condition when people have difficulty in swallowing food and liquid.  There are varying degrees of dysphagia, whereby the only treatment for this condition is to modify the consistency and texture of food and liquids.  The range of products developed by Hubfoods is for people suffering from a severe form of dysphagia and require texture modified foods.

Remove product from freezer, place on serving plate and defrost covered overnight.

Then refer to cooking instructions to ensure the food is cooked and heated correctly before serving.

Meals should be served the same way traditional meals are served. Visually the plate should replicate the traditional meal that it is modelled on. For example meat and three vegetables should be served with the protein on one side, vegetables together and sauce if required.
Hubfoods texturised food range allows residents with dysphagia on modified diets to enjoy the same meals as residents on a regular diet.  The meals look very similar to whole foods, and taste great as well.  It allows resident to feel no different to others when dining as their meals look similar to everyone on the table.

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